miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Work, money, holiday

Work = quiet, verging on dull. It does mean though, that I've managed to get quite a lot of work done on organising the routes for the Madroño trip to Scotland. One big route from Nethy Bridge was worked out on Sunday on the floor of the living room with an OS map (wow!), some mountain bike maps and the laptop. Looks awesome - 55km from Nethy Bridge via Ryvoan Bothy (pic), Loch An Eilein and Inverdruie.

This week at work I've been getting suggestions from Singletrack and copying other people's routes from Nokia Sportstracker (if someone else has done the route we know it's rideable at least). Looks like we have someone to guide us on the first route from Innerleithen too.

Money = IRPF (income tax) done for another year. Slight worry last night when we couldn't remember where our appointment was, but Sandra had cunningly saved it somewhere. I have to pay them more but Sandra gets money back and it evens itself out.

Holiday = tomorrow (Thursday) is Corpus Christi so we get a random day off. Ali is coming over today so we we're going out for dinner tonight with her and Katie and probably going for a ride tomorrow. Then only one full week at work left until jornada reducida and we finish at 3 every day! Really can't wait - feeling exhausted.

and a pack of double deckers arrived in the post yesterday - Good Times!!

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