miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

well the weather got colder and then hotter again (as it always does around the Día de San Miguel) and now seems to be cooling down a bit again.

A re-structure at work has left me feeling in limbo...apparently I'll be staying in Client Services for the time being (though I'll have no work to do and will only be able to be given work by the Account Director). At some vague undetermined time in the future I'll (probably) move to Planning & Buying (of which I know nothing). Despite all the talk of "aligning people's profiles to job functions" there appears to have been a quite determined effort to move people into departments which they dislike intensly, have no knowledge of, or both.

On the plus side, the English classes picked up at the beginning of October and I now have a pretty full week. In fact I'm currently trying to avoid taking on another class at work as I don't have time (and it would be a nightmare class!).

Riding was a bitch on Sunday. We did a red route for the first time (mainly because there was the promise of food afterwards) and we suffered. 47km (we've done longer) but speedier than we usually go and with plenty of hills meant that we were both dying towards the end and I needed to accept the kind offer of a gel from Agus to get me home. Food afterwards was good, although the bar didn't actually have a kitchen so we had to collect the food ourselves from the owner's wife's kitchen up the road!