viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Spring into summer

So, my attempt and keeping this updated regularly is going well then.
TBH things have been a bit busy here: the second job (English classes) has increased to 11 hours a week (a class every night as well as a couple of lunchtimes). The classes themselves are quite enjoyable, and certainly better than the deathly dull dayjob (ooh alliteration) but it is tiring and makes the end of the week a bit of a struggle. It also makes the weekend's main objective recovery and sleep which don't help the attempts at getting out on the bike. The weatherhas been taking care of that too, mind. We've had a few summer false starts though now it looks like the good weather is here to stay (but then it's practically the end of May, so I should bloody well think so). Last weekend's route was in La Cabrera and was quite technical in places and bloody cold - both of which possibly combined to make me feel fairly shattered afterwards (only 40km). So I've been punishing myself in the gym this week.
We did take advantage of one of the summer weekends last month to go riding with a club near Sepulveda. The ride finished with lunch of cordero asado in the town hall of the pueblo - awesome!
The trip to Scotland is getting quite frankly ridiculous - there are 25 of us now. We're renting 3 houses in Innerliethen and we have a bunkhouse that sleeps 67 in Nethy Bridge all to ourselves. On top of that there are 2 separate coach companies involved, 2 bike hire places, Tesco deliveries, route preparation, a distillery visit, activities for the non-riders...might start up a business if this works out!

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