miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Things are hotting up

Figuratively speaking it's the semi-final against Germany tonight and meteorologically it's about 36 degrees. The main problem is that the minimum temperatures at night are still quite high so we can't cool down the flat or sleep too well.
Too hot to go cycling in the afternoon between job 1 and job 2 so I'm going to the gym instead - air-conditioned exercise is preferable to sweating in the flat. Today we're going for a swim before watching the game.
Job is quiet and boring and frustrating so I applied for a job as video games tester and they've sent me an e-mail with a linguistics test (English) to check my accuracy. Unfortunately the salary is too low so I won't take it, as fun it sounds. Applied for a Junior Product Manager role too but was rejected as the role was too junior (but a Videogames tester isn't?!). I'll keep checking their site for that elusive Senior Videogames Tester Manager role.

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