martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

a cool day

...temperature-wise. We're having a 24-hour respite from the heat and it's nice but it's going to get hot again tomorrow :-(

Had a nice anniversary weekend away in Guadalajara. The hotel (Posada de los Pantones) was lovely and although it was in a small village it was nice to just sit in the square with a drink watching the locals (who were mostly doing the same).

I tried to get to grips more with my camera while we were away. I had been thinking of doing a photography course (and still haven't completely rejected it) but 600 € for 3 months is quite a lot and most people say you can learn as much by looking at photography sites (and practicing). So I have a better idea about depth of field and capturing movement than before - maybe the course isn't necessary and I can spend 600€ on something else (like a lens!)

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  1. hello! money on lens youll learn loads by playing i reckon ;)

    weather here still holding but getting colder (and when i say colder i actually mean colder)